According to JB3 Innovations, demand is increasing for its therapeutic JBIT MedPro device, engineered to assist in relieving chronic shoulder, back, hip, knee, joint, and sciatica pain. The product initially launched in December 2013 as an enhanced version of the company’s flagship JB Intensive Trainer device. The company notes that its upgraded JBIT MedPro device has realized an 60% growth month over month, and established a direct sales pipeline-based forecast of 40% growth through the end of June.

The JBIT MedPro also now offers an optional home therapy service. JB3 Innovations reports that its newly launched Boost Therapy program provides online therapy sessions at for visitors to follow while using their equipment either at home or while traveling. The company is currently releasing three physical therapy videos per week, each focusing on reducing osteoarthritis, lower back, hip, and shoulder pain caused by injury or overexertion. The program video series, the company adds, features advice and instruction by a licensed doctor of physical therapy.

Jonathan Bender, JB3 Innovations CEO and product inventor, states that the device, “…is for anyone at all who suffers from chronic orthopedic issues, including seniors, those with nagging injuries, everyday fitness enthusiasts, and even those in the workplace where sitting at a desk or more physical demands cause persistent pain.”

Bender adds that the device can serve as an effective way to integrate fitness into daily life and garner the benefits of rehabilitation therapy from anywhere.

Source: JB3 Innovations