The first series of StimRouter Neuromodulation System implantations were recently conducted in Europe, according to a media announcement from Valencia, Calif-based Bioness Inc.

Patients at Radboud University Medical Center (Nijmegen, the Netherlands) at South Victoria University (Cork, Ireland) and at Kliniek Park Leopold Chirec (Brussels, Belgium) received the StimRouter to manage chronic pain conditions originating from varied peripheral neuralgias.

Erkan Kurt, MD (the Netherlands), Dominic Hegarty, MD (Ireland), and Jean Pierre van Buyten, MD (Belgium) conducted the implantation procedures.

“The StimRouter provides a unique opportunity to deliver patients relief from chronic pain, especially among those with peripheral nerve damage and scar tissue around the targeted nerve,” Kurt explains.

“I’m very pleased to be able to provide the best neuromodulation options for my patients,” says Hegarty, an interventional neuromodulation and pain management specialist. “I am confident that the StimRouter technology will be suitable for a greater range of patients in the future.”

“The StimRouter promises to be a breakthrough in neurostimulation because it is a much smaller device to implant and therefore easier to target pain at its origin,” states van Buyten, a pain anesthesiologist. “Another advantage is that it minimizes cost and recovery time when compared to other more invasive treatments.”

The StimRouter is a minimally invasive device that, according to Bioness, is intended to be a cost-effective and long-term alternative to immobilization, injections, and prescription opioids. The implant procedure is usually completed in less than 30 minutes and uses only local anesthesia. Once implanted, the device can be controlled by the patient and serve as an adjunct to other modes of therapy

“As we continue to see impressive clinical results in the US and now Europe, we are excited to further our mission of supporting clinicians looking to improve the lives of patients,” shares Todd Cushman, president and CEO of Bioness, in the release. “Patients and their loved ones are looking for true relief from the downward spiral of chronic pain. With greater awareness of opioid addiction, alternative choices which deliver life-improving results are needed.”

[Source(s): Bioness Inc, PR Newswire]