Kimba and Neo MPS seats, new to the Kimba line of pediatric mobility products from Ottobock Healthcare, are designed for use with the Kimba Neo Pediatric Tilt n Space Wheelchair and the Kimba Cross jogging/bike frame.

Both seat designs feature strategically located mounting points that ensure a 60- to 90-degree pull across a child’s legs and pelvis, and under their anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS); OBSSTM foam in the seat cushions to provide better patient comfort and load distribution; and adjustable armrests to promote better upper extremity positioning and assist in weight distribution and activities of daily living.

Additional features include tool-less adjustable belts and harnesses, as well as headrest and seating; “00 Inlay”; and a new high mount footplate, enabling the accommodation of smaller children with 5-inch seat depth and 5-inch lower leg length.

“When we started the R&D process to enhance our seating offerings for the Kimba line of products, we wanted to make sure pelvic stability and patient outcomes were the cornerstone around which we built a more user-friendly and adaptable product families will connect with. I believe we achieved it,” shares Stacy Clouse, Ottobock North American Market Manager for Pediatrics, in a media release from the Austin, Tex-based company.

“The Kimba and Neo MPS seats will provide the stability and comfort a child needs,” adds Frank Oschell, vice president of human mobility for Ottobock North America, in the release. “Additionally, families will love how easy it is to make adjustments as the needs of the child change throughout the day.”

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[Source: Ottobock]