Disability insurance payor Unum now provides onsite disability management for employers, enabling employees to speak with a trained disability consultant before and after disability leave.

This service is provided in partnership with workforce performance solutions provider Briotix.

Via the program offered by the Centennial, Colo-based Unum, onsite professionals foster direct one-on-one contact with employees to help facilitate a workplace culture of wellness and increased productivity, and to help avoid a disabling event.

If a disabling event occurs, the professionals meet with the employees before a planned leave to set expectations, provide early guidance on return to work, and offer support and encouragement, explains a media release from Unum.

“Keeping employees healthy and engaged at work is our focus,” says Randy Ford, vice president with Unum’s National Client Group, in the release. “We know that every day of absence you can prevent, a company will gain productivity. For employees, conversations that begin early and continue throughout a disability may help speed recovery and smooth the way for a return to work.”

For more information, visit Unum.

[Source(s): Unum, Business Wire]