Nonprofit group Share Your Blessings and Beamz Interactive Inc announce in a media release that they have recently gifted more than 500 Beamz music systems to organizations that reach special needs individuals through music and recreational therapy.

Share Your Blessings is a nonprofit organization that funds—via donations—projects that benefit special needs individuals and the organizations that serve them, and Beamz Interactive Inc develops interactive music products. The music-system donations are through the Project Maestro gifting program, the release explains.

“Since the launch of Project Maestro in Q2 2015, it has become increasingly clear that there is a significant opportunity to support professionals and volunteers in nonprofit organizations to provide music and recreational therapy to those in need attending camp programs, community service programs, and other events,” says Al Ingallinera, Beamz vice president of marketing and product management, in the release.

Individuals and families are gifted the Beamz Home Edition for home play. Nonprofit organizations are gifted either the Beamz Professional Edition, Beamz Therapy Guides, Music Therapy Protocols, or Life Skills Lesson Plans, in order to provide the resources to incorporate the music systems into programming, services, events, or other activities. Nonprofits are also gifted Beamz Home Edition systems to give to individuals and families they serve, per the release.

Recent recipients of the Beamz music systems include The MO.R.G.A.N. Project, UPC of Greater Birmingham, and Resounding Joy Semper Sound Music Therapy Program, according to the release.

Share Your Blessings and Beamz Interative plan to gift up to 1,000 more Beamz music systems to individuals and groups before year’s end through the Project Maestro program, the release states.

“Beamz has helped us with our goal to offer programs that promote value, acceptance, and inclusion so that each individual can address life’s challenges, achieve personal goals, and fulfill their potential to lead positive, productive, and rewarding lives,” says Ruth Anglin, executive director of Share Your Blessings, in the release.

“We invite everyone who has a heart for those with special needs to consider participating in our crowd-funding efforts, which begin on September 15, 2015, through Indiegogo,” she adds.

For more information about the gifting program, email Ruth Anglin.

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