Activeaid Inc

The name hints at what this product is intended to do. That is give maximum aid in one versatile product. It can be an adjustable height toilet seat, a toilet safety frame, a shower bench, or a tub transfer bench. The modular design lets you decide. The densely padded seat has a cutout that can be positioned to the front, back, or either side and the foam is configured in our unique Waterfall style that addresses discomfort caused from sensitive tissue coming in contact with unforgiving surfaces. The open frame system not only affords unimpeded directional seat placement but also allows the optional back and arms to be correctly positioned without restriction and without tools. The 350-pound capacity frame is created from high-quality stainless steel that provides strength, durability, and corrosion protection.

Activeaid Inc
101 Activeaid Rd
Box 3599
Redwood Falls, MN 56283
800-533-5330 • 507-644-2468

AlumiRamp Inc

AlumiRamp Inc bridges the gap with the design and manufacture of a full line of aluminum ramps, platforms, and steps that promote active lifestyles for people with disabilities. The ARMADA SERIES is a modular residential system, anodized for a beautiful durable finish. Adjustable height and slope allow Armada ramps to be moved and reconfigured if necessity dictates. ADA and ANSI code compliant.

The A*COM SERIES provides a modular aluminum ramp when more stringent building codes are demanded, such as BOCA or SBCCI.

The MINI RAMP SERIES of lightweight portable ramps includes threshold ramps for doorways, single-fold and solid aluminum curb ramps for curbs and minivans, and multi-fold READY RAMPS for higher steps and large vans.

AlumiRamp Inc
855 E Chicago Rd
Quincy, MI 49082
Fax: 517-639-4314

Duralife Inc

The Duraglide is an adjustable level glide bath/commode transfer system. It is designed to be used with any standard tub and eliminates the need for heavy lifting or awkward transfers. It fits over a standard commode for toileting. When attached to the adjustable tub rails, the seat rolls into the tub for bathing or showering. The Duraglide is equipped with four locking 5-inch casters, has swing-away arms and comes standard with a waterfall open front padded seat, safety belt, and retractable footrest. Our Easy-Level tub frame legs are infinitely adjustable over a 5-inch range.

Duralife Inc
195 Phillips Park Dr
South Williamsport, PA 17702
Fax: 570-323-9762
[email protected]

Open Sesame

Simply the best door-operating system for home use! Open Sesame attaches onto an existing residential door and requires no special construction or electrical modification. The Open Sesame can be operated from a wheelchair-mounted remote control for easy entry or exit. Special activation devices are available to accommodate individuals with little or no hand functions. The door remains locked and secure. Attendants may enter using an exterior combination keypad or with existing keys. For unparalleled safety, it continues to operate even during a power outage.

Open Sesame Door System Inc
1933 Davis St, Suite 279
San Leandro, CA 94577
Fax: 510-638-2445

Power Access Corporation

After 25 years of selling door openers for the accessibility market, Power Access Corporation has released a new lower-cost, lighter-weight slim-line door opener for the home. The model 2300 is designed for the home. One unit meets a door mount application, or a jamb mount application on the push side of the door. Changing from mode to mode or hand to hand can be done in the field in mere minutes. The door arm attaches to the door or jamb as the application requires. A unique friction clutch arm and a special gear motor allow for safe door operation in both the automatic mode and manual mode.

Power Access Corporation
170 Main St
PO Box 1050
New Hartford, CT 06057
800-344-0088 • Fax: 860-693-0641