Accessibility Professionals market Freedom Lift Systems Diago wall cabinet lifts, which are built to increase accessibility for individuals with physical disabilities or others who may have a challenge reaching items in a wall cabinet, such as those located in a kitchen or laundry room. The Diago wall cabinet lifts are mounted at the back of the wall cabinet.

The Diago 504 is a diagonal lift designed to lower wall cabinets from their original height to the height of the countertop. According to the company’s website, the system can accommodate a variety of cabinet heights and depths, and comes equipped with a control button situated in an accessible area.

The control button can be pressed when the user wishes to lower the cabinet or lift it back up. To enhance safety, the site says a safety trip panel is mounted below the cabinet, which will immediately stop when the cabinet touches something, such as a toaster, on the cabinet’s surface.

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[Source: Accessibility Professionals]