Mytonomy, a provider of enterprise cloud solutions, releases Cloud for Total Joint Replacement to optimize successful outcomes for patients facing joint replacement surgery.

From deciding whether to have surgery, what to expect pre, post and during the procedure, Mytonomy’s Cloud for Total Joint Replacement will help patients meaningfully engage with their care instructions, resulting in more successful outcomes and fewer hospital stays.

Mytonomy’s Cloud for Total Joint Replacement covers the total joint replacement journey for knee, hip, shoulder and elbow replacement, bringing all pre-configured instructions, emails, texts, video content in the form of broadcast-quality TV episodes together in one place along with companion patient education handouts, checklists and FAQs. This bundled offering helps clinicians deliver trusted information to their patients, reducing the manual load at a time when nursing shortages are at an all-time high.

Through Mytonomy’s Cloud for Total Joint Replacement, patients can watch over 200+ short TV episodes (1-3 min in length) of clinicians and physical therapists taking them through each step of the process. Patients hear from other patients, and get access to tailored digital care plans with easy-to-understand video and written instructions designed for their health conditions and level of risk, so they are better prepared to make informed decisions, manage their self-care and have a successful recovery.

“For the total joint replacement patient, having a library of trusted information at their fingertips means they are better prepared for surgery and will have a better experience overall.”

— Mytonomy President and Co-Founder, Vinay Bhargava

“What’s really innovative about Mytonomy’s Cloud for Total Joint Replacement is combining the power of consumer streaming, enterprise content management and the capabilities of Mytonomy’s novel CRM system to drive joint replacement patient engagement in new ways. Integrated surveys and intelligent nudging enables providers to derive insights about patient behavior which they can ultimately use to improve their joint replacement programs.”

— Anjali Kataria, Mytonomy CEO and Co-Founder

“As a primary care provider, patients often come to me for guidance about when and if they should proceed with a joint replacement surgery that has been recommended by their orthopedic specialist. Mytonomy’s microlearning video education helps support shared decision making and can help reduce delays in scheduling due to patient fears and lack of high-quality and accessible information.”

— Seema Kumar, MD, Mytonomy Medical Director

[Source(s): Mytonomy, PRWeb]