PreHab, a platform available from PeerWell designed to guide patients through the joint replacement process, has now been expanded to include outpatients. Previously available only to inpatients, it is now available for outpatient joint replacement centers. The announcement coincides with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services greenlighting coverage for knee replacement surgery in ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), notes a media release from PeerWell. “PeerWell’s outpatient preoperative preparation [PreHab] program means that more patients can be indicated for outpatient surgery. With PeerWell’s guidance and support, the benefits of same-day surgery can be extended to patients who otherwise may not qualify,” says Dr Nicholas Frisch, orthopaedic surgeon and partner with Ascension in Bald Mountain Surgical Center, in the release. PeerWell’s outpatient preoperative preparation program is designed to help doctors expand the types of patients they can indicate for surgery. It also helps lower patient risk by dismantling unhealthy behaviors, physically and mentally preparing patients for surgery, teaching the necessary activities of daily living for same-day discharge, offering at-home social support, and more. “Our proprietary data collection is really what enables the full automation of our platform. PeerWell’s behavior modules have been served over 30,000 times, and we’ve collected over 1,000,000 data points. This smart technology adapts to each patient and surgery type to deliver daily content that will be most beneficial to that patient,” states PeerWell CEO, Manish Shah. “The goal of our outpatient program is to offer the greatest support to patients so that they can benefit from a same-day discharge and at-home recovery,” Shah adds, in the release. [Source: PeerWell]