A recently published study and accompanying white paper provides evidence suggesting the safe and effective use of ReWalk exoskeleton systems in various community settings by people with spinal cord injury (SCI).

The reports also study the impact to the user’s physical health across a number of medical benefits.

“We are pleased to add these two critical pieces to a growing volume of evidence providing insight into community use of exoskeleton systems,” says Larry Jasinski, CEO of ReWalk Robotics Ltd, in a media release.

This international study surveyed 48 patients over the course of 954 exoskeleton use sessions over a 6-year period. Participants used the ReWalk systems for several hours per session, and were assessed across a number of environments, terrains and surfaces.

The participants were also asked to complete a number of tasks using the exoskeleton system, such as timely crossing of a street with traffic lights, entering and exiting an elevator, and navigating ADA-accessible doorways.

Per the study, all of the participants were all able to demonstrate effective use of the exoskeleton system across the parameters and tasks, without falling or experiencing complications.

“We anticipate that the in-depth study will prove useful in conversations with public and private insurers, some of which are considering broader coverage policies for eligible SCI beneficiaries,” Jasinski adds in the release. “We can now add a large international study that shows safe daily use as a key proof point in our volume of research.”

[Source(s): ReWalk Robotics Ltd, PR Newswire]