The US Department of Veterans Affairs and Paralyzed Veterans of America announce that the registration for the National Veterans Wheelchair Games has officially opened.

During the Games, hundreds of disabled Veterans from across the country compete in various adaptive sports. The athletes compete in all events against others with similar athletic ability, competitive experience, and age.

“Adaptive sports are an incredibly important component to bringing disabled Veterans back to good health,” says National Veterans Wheelchair Games Director Dave Tostenrude, in a media release. “These Games highlight the best of the best—those who push themselves day in and day out to live healthy, active lives through sports.”

“Finding adaptive sports and participating in the National Veterans Wheelchair Games was without a doubt the turning point in my own rehabilitation after suffering a spinal cord injury,” shares Al Kovach Jr., national president of Paralyzed Veterans, in the release.

“I personally encourage any veteran out there who is considering participating in these games to just sign up and give it a shot—the experience will change your life,” he adds.

This year’s Games will be held in Salt Lake City from June 27 to July 2.

Registration is open until April 15.

For more information, visit National Veterans Wheelchair Games.

[Source(s): US Department of Veterans Affairs, Paralyzed Veterans of America, PRWeb]