A clinical mobile app aims to help manage the interaction between therapists and patients, targeting patient engagement and compliance in physical therapy exercises. According to the app’s website, PT PAL is designed to improve outcomes, engage patients in their therapy, as well as monitor and modify therapy prescriptions remotely. The app is also built to lower costs by helping patients heal faster and facilitate reimbursement.

The site notes that the PT PAL mobile app is designed to provide providers visibility into patients’ therapy compliance, as well as when and where they may be struggling when performing their exercises away from the clinic. For patients, the application is built to help keep track of the exercises prescribed, offer video examples, and provide a feedback loop to allow patients to communicate with their therapists. Additionally, the site says, the app can also provide employers a way in which to help employees stay on track with their exercises and track compliance with their physical therapy regimen.

[Source: PT PAL]