A recent news release reports that Phoenix, Ariz-based company WebPT, will now be providing an educational version of its EHR software to colleges and universities nationwide. WebPT notes that the new version of the software has been tailored for physical therapy (PT) documentation courses in order to prepare future therapists and therapy assistants for their developing careers. The software also seeks to optimize the marketability of students in the eyes of employing clinics. 

Heidi Jannenga, PT, MPT, ATC/L, WebPT co-founder and COO, emphasizes the importance of the courses, noting that the physical therapy industry is expected to grow 30% in the next decade, making it vital, “that students get the proper training with this technology while they’re still in the classroom. Once they go to work in clinics, they won’t have the same amount of time or training to learn on the job…In-school EHR training gives students and educational programs alike a significant competitive advantage,” Jannenga explains.

Stephen Elam, PT, DPT, GCS, CLT, assistant professor of Lynchburg College, echoes Jannenga’s sentiment, “Anytime we can put something in students’ hands that will prepare them for the future is valuable,” Elam says. Elam adds that students also emphasize the benefits of knowing how to operate EHR software, as many clinics are now using the technology and expect students to have working knowledge of it.

Through the WebPT EHR system, PT students can access hands-on training in the completion of daily notes, progress notes, initial evaluations, and in completing flowsheets digitally, according to the release. WebPT reports that is currently providing the educational version of its software to 45 schools nationwide. These schools include the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the University of Miami, University of Vermont, Widener University, Bellarmine University, and Winston-Salem State University.

For more information, visit http://www.wept.com

Source: WebPT