altiusAn implantable generator engineered for use in chronic pain applications has been developed by Cleveland, Ohio-based company Neuros Medical Inc, the company reports in a recent news release. Neuros Medical Inc’s Altius device is intended to deliver the company’s patented high frequency Electrical Nerve Block technology to accommodate chronic pain patients.

Zi-Ping Fang, PhD, chief technology officer, Neuros Medical, calls the device a milestone in the company’s technology development. “The Altius System will enable patients suffering from chronic, intractable pain to utilize a system which is completely implantable and easy to use.”

The release notes that the rechargeable device delivers high frequency electrical nerve block technology to a targeted nerve via an implanted electrode. The company adds that using a small remote control, patients can activate the device, providing on-demand treatment of a chronic pain condition.

Jon. J. Snyder, president and CEO, Neuros Medical, commends Fang and the device’s development team for their “achievement of this important endeavor,” and notes, “The completion of Altius sets the stage for safety and efficacy studies to support regulatory authorization to launch this product,” Snyder says.

A pilot clinical study is currently underway, the company adds, to evaluate its high frequency Electrical Nerve Block technology for use in acute treatment of pain in the residual limb of amputees. The study is intended to complement the positive first-in-man results of the company’s initial study, which suggested a 50% pain reduction reported by 4 out of 5 patients.

Source: Neuros Medical Inc

Photo Credit: Business Wire