tech23232SMK Electronics, the US division of SMK Corporation, was recently scheduled to unveil its telerehabilitation platform, built to provide computer-assisted physiotherapy to aid rehabilitation in patients with arthritis, balance, and gait disorders.

According to the company, it was slated to demonstrate the videogame-based physical therapy platform using Gyration Air Mouse technologies during the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) January 7 to 10.

The technology was reportedly developed in coordination with the University of Manitoba and uses off-the-shelf computer games in conjunction with motion tracking supplied by Gyration Air Mouse technology. A news release from SMK Electronics states that the system is designed to reduce costs while increasing the effectiveness of conventional physical rehabilitation therapy.

“The goal of our Telerehabilitation platform is to allow patients to perform their physiotherapy exercises at home using ‘game-based’ exercises—thereby reducing costs while increasing patient compliance and long-term benefit from prescribed rehabilitation programs,” notes Tony Szturm, PT, PhD, associate professor, department of Physical Therapy, University of Manitoba.

Paul Evans, president, SMK Electronics Corporation, echoes Szturm’s sentiments, adding that the reported annual physical rehabilitation expenditures of $170 billion—a number anticipated to mushroom over the next few decades—creates a market opportunity for a cost-effective, home-based physical rehabilitation treatment platform.

“SMK is pleased to be partnering with the University of Manitoba to develop such a platform; and Gyration Air Mouse technology, using Movea’s Smart Motion, is ideal for this kind of application,” Evans says.

[Source: SMK Electronics]