LimbO Products recently announced the launch of its new web site, designed to support the company’s introduction of LimbO Waterproof Protectors in the US. LimbO Waterproof Protectors are manufactured by Thesis Technology Products, headquartered in the UK. The products are designed to enable patients with a cast or bandage to safely shower or bathe while protecting against water damage. Once slipped on, the waterproof cover forms a seal to protect the bandage or cast, the company explains. 

According to a LimbO news release, the new LimbO web site will provide visitors with information encompassing a range of diverse waterproof casts and bandages that are available. The company notes that product sizes range from infant to adult, in half arm, full arm, half leg, whole leg, and knee models. Waterproof protectors designed to cover just the elbow and can be used to protect a PICC line are also available, LimbO adds.

The news release reports that the new web site also offers visitors a user-friendly, e-commerce platform aimed at simplifying online ordering. Steve Parker, commercial director, articulates the company’s excitement and its goal behind the new US web site’s launch, “We are excited to offer LimbO products in the United States. Our goal is to help improve the quality of life for people when they have a cast or bandage.”

In addition, the web site will reportedly feature other accessories, including the Night Cover, which can benefit users by protecting other limbs, linens, and partners from abrasions during sleep. The site also includes the Toe Cozy, which is designed to keep toes warm while in a cast and long socks for children, called Sealskinz, which can help protect casts outdoors against sand, grit, and moisture.

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Source: LimbO Products