A.R.T. Group

a division of Sunrise Medical (ShurShape product line)
2010 E Spruce Circle
Olathe, KS 66062
Phone: (866) 910-9910
Fax: (913) 489-4041
Web site: www.shurshape.com
Product: ShurShape

The A.R.T. Group’s ShurShape product line offers foam cushion technology with a generous remake policy—a free replacement within 90 days and a growth policy of a replacement within the first year at one half of the retail price. Each carrying structure (base support) is made of a plastic material that is moisture resistant, making it easy to clean. The cushions are made of closed cell foam in a sealed material that enables easy cleaning. These cushions are used for molding purposes and can be ordered in pediatric all through bariatric sizes. Each molded cushion is accompanied by the same patch material that is used for the covering of the cushion. This patch material has an adhesive backing allowing it to be affixed directly to the cushion for repairs or modifications. Seat and back cushions have the ability to change width by moving the lateral supports for weight changes or growth. They can also be modified by cutting or adding foam to make desired changes. Additional hardware choices, various headrests, removable flip-down abductor, different styles of lateral supports, hip belts, anterior trunk supports, and foot positions. All ShurShape items carry a 1-year warranty, and hardware carries a lifetime warranty.

Seat or back molding kit retails at $1,072. A complete seat or back molding system with support base, lateral supports, and hardware retails at $1,716. The HCPCS code for seat cushions is E2609, and for back cushions the code is E2617.

The ROHO Group

100 N Florida Ave
Belleville, IL 62221
Phone: (800) 851-3449;
(618) 277-9173
Fax: (888) 551-3449; (618) 277-9561
Web site: www.therohogroup.com
Product: ROHO® Select Series

The ROHO Group’s Select Series of cushions is adjustable, lightweight, washable, repairable, and ventilated. Each of these cushions comes with a two-way stretch cover, hand inflation pump, repair kit, and operating instructions, and is constructed of flame-resistant neoprene rubber. Sizes range from 12 inches to 20 inches for all Select Series cushions, which can be custom made for the individual. Each user group can be accommodated by the Select Series cushions, and there is no weight limit for the Select Series product line. Select Series cushions feature ISOFLO® Memory Control™, which offers shape-fitting capabilities, while the user is seated, enabling quick and easy on-demand adjustment to maximize function. Each Select Series cushion offers skin protection, stability, and positioning. Users can choose from the QUADTRO® SELECT® HIGH PROFILE®, QUADTRO® SELECT® LOW PROFILE®, or the CONTOUR SELECT®.

The Select Series Family retails for $449, and is coded, as follows:

  • The QUADTRO SELECT HIGH PROFILE codes are K0736 (for (12 inches to 20 inches) and K0737 (22 inches to 24 inches); the QUADTRO SELECT HIGH PROFILE CUSTOM code is E2609
  • The QUADTRO SELECT LOW PROFILE codes are K0736 (12 inches to 20 inches) and K0737 for QUADTRO SELECT LOW PROFILE cushions in non-stock large sizes between 101and 160 cells. The code for the QUADTRO SELECT LOW PROFILE CUSTOM is E2609
  • The CONTOUR SELECT code (15 inches to 20 inches) is K0736; the code for the CONTOUR SELECT (non-stock large sizes between 101 and 160 cells) is K0737, and the CONTOUR SELECT CUSTOM code is E2609


5 Commerce Drive
Freeburg, IL 62243
Phone: (888) 277-STAR (7827);
(618) 539-7070
Fax: (618) 539-7073
Web site: www.starcushion.com
Product: Star Cushion multi-celled air cushions

Star Cushion Products has a complete line of multi-celled air cushions, ranging from pediatrics to bariatrics. Various thicknesses of the product offerings range from the Short Contour 2 inch to the Mid Contour 3 inch to the Standard Contour 4 inch. They are also available in single valve, dual valve, and four valve systems at no extra cost. Star also has a complete customized service to meet clients’ special needs, with quick, 1-week turnaround times. The “flagship” product of the product line is the Starlock cushion. Offered in all three thicknesses of 2-inch, 3-inch, and 4-inch air cells, the Starlock is the only cushion of its kind to feature “cell locking” technology. In lieu of dual or quad compartments, the Starlock can lock up every individual air cell. By this action, you can combine the high therapeutic value of air with aggressive positioning and unprecedented stability. The Starlock technology can also be used on back systems to better address postural control.

Retail prices range from $375 to $415, in sizes from pediatrics to our largest standard size of 21 inches x 21 inches. There is a slight upcharge for the bariatric cushions. All cushions come with a 2-year limited warranty. HCPCS codes for the Star Cushions are K0734, K0735, K0736, and K0737.


4000 1st Ave South
Seattle, WA 98134
Phone: (206) 505-9500;
(800) 827-4548
Fax: (206) 343-5795; (800) 363-7739
Web site: www.varilite.com
Product: Reflex™

Ideal for clients at moderate risk of skin breakdown, the Reflex Non-Adjustable Skin Protection Cushion features a built-in air-release device that automatically releases a portion of air when the client sits on the cushion, conforming to the client’s body and providing comfort and stability. Ideal for clinical environments where effective low-maintenance skin protection cushions are required, Reflex’s ultra-lightweight design helps conserve energy expenditure for clients who manually propel. Reflex cushions range in size from 12 inches x 11 inches to 20 inches x 20 inches. Each cushion features Air-Foam Floatation (foam perforated in the sacral-ischial area for maximum protection of the decubitus-sensitive area of the ITs); bonding Reflex foam to coated fabric makes the cushion hold air. Air-Foam Floatation combines the best properties of air and foam to offer superior skin protection—air supports the load, while foam keeps air where it is needed and preserves the cushion shape by conforming to user (whose weight is distributed over the surface of the cushion). Reflex foam is bonded to puncture and water resistant polyester fabric for strength and durability. Cushions include a tailored, removable machine-washable incontinence cover, with an underside featuring rugged non-slip material with hook and loop for added security.

Pricing of this product is $175. Reflex products (excluding covers) feature a limited 2-year warranty from the original date of purchase for the original purchaser. The warranty covers the repair or replacement of components, and does not include incidents of consequential damages. Reflex cushions have received HCPCS code E2603.