rewalk-expA strategic partnership between ARGO Medical Technologies and the YASKAWA Electric Corporation aims to bolster the global expansion of the ReWalk exoskeleton device. The technology is engineered to enable individuals with lower limb disabilities, such as paraplegia, to walk.

A news release from ARGO notes that YASKAWA has made a significant capital investment into the ReWalk and will also serve as the exclusive distributor for the ReWalk in Japan, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Korea. According to ARGO, the new funding and partnership with YASKAWA will assist in advancing the ReWalk infrastructure and technology for users and support company growth with the expansion of research and development, as well as enhanced design targeting streamlined manufacturing.

Two ReWalk models are currently offered by ARGO. These include the ReWalk Personal, available in Euripe and Israel, pending FDA review in the United States; and the ReWalk Rehabilitation, now available in Europe, Israel, and the United States. Both models are designed to provide on-board computers and motion sensors engineered to restore self-initiated walking without the need for tethers or switches to begin movement.

[Source(s): ARGO Medical Technologies, YASKAWA Electric Corporation]