Altimate Medical Inc announces the launch of its new EasyStand Web site with many features for clinicians, end users, and suppliers. It includes all information from the previous website plus many new extras like the Supplier Locator, Downloads and Resources, and “Standing Room Only.”

Clinicians can benefit from educational resources like the clinical case studies, standing articles, and research study abstracts. The Web site also provides funding information such as successful letters of medical necessity, how to utilize the team process and guidelines for appealing.

End users will love the new “Standing Room Only” section, which includes a forum for advocates of standing. This space was created for both veterans of standing and those new to standing, to talk with others and read inspiring customer stories and testimonials.

Suppliers can easily find and download HCPCS coding information, pricelists, product and assembly videos, and owner’s manuals. A special “Supplier Only” section offers online parts manuals, newsletter updates and more.

For nearly 20 years, Altimate Medical has been making EasyStand® standing technology that improves the quality of life for kids and adults who use wheelchairs worldwide. Visit the new Web site at www.easystand.com or contact Altimate Medical at (800) 342-8968 to learn more.

[SOURCE: Altimate Medical Inc, October 2006]