AccuMed Technology Solutions

AccuMed Technology Solutions, Milford, Ohio, delivers information solutions for health care and wellness providers for the elderly. Providing solutions that optimize business and clinical practices, while enhancing regulatory compliance and profitability. In stride with parent company, Omnicare Inc, AccuMed serves residents in long-term care facilities and other chronic care settings. Related consulting and data management services available for nursing, assisted living, and other institutional health care providers, as well as for hospice patients in home care and other settings.

Active Ankle Systems Inc

Active Ankle Systems Inc, Louisville, Ky, was formed in 1989 and since then has become a leader in the development of foot and ankle products. Acquired by Cramer Products in 2008, product lineup includes: TI, T2, Volt rigid braces, Power Lacer, Excel, AS1, EZ Lacer, Direct Kick lace-up braces, and replacement parts. Products designed to help heal, protect, and prevent injuries for athletes.

Allard USA

Allard USA, based in Helsingborg, Sweden, with offices in Rockaway, NJ, is a manufacturer of orthotic devices, committed to working with O&P facilities and medical professionals to offer innovative orthotic solutions to help improve function and quality of life for individuals with physical challenges. The company’s Web site provides extensive information about its complete product line and includes downloadable literature as well as online video presentations that describe the features and benefits of Allard products. ToeOFF Family warranty registration is available at the site. Links are also provided for education events and certification.

Altimate Medical Inc

The complete selection of EasyStand standing frames is presented on Altimate Medical’s Web site, where specifications and features for each product are detailed, along with pricing, options, and short videos that showcase specific case studies in which the standers are used. The site also offers a library of academic research studies and blogs that document the benefits of standing therapy. An online funding guide is available to help explain steps to obtaining a stander, writing a letter of medical necessity, or beginning the appeals process. The funding guide includes resources specifically for schools and contact information for a funding hotline.

AMTI Force and Motion

AMTI, Watertown, Mass, provides products for orthopedic manufacturers, testing laboratories, universities, and research hospitals. AMTI currently designs and manufactures force measurement devices, orthopedic implant testing machines, and other specialty instruments. Products include: force plates, force sensors, multi-axis testing machines, instrumented equipment, and a variety of software and amplifiers.

Aquatic Access

Aquatic Access, Louisville, Ky, provides access to those entering tubs, pools, and spas through their lift products. Founder John Nolan invented a water-powered bathtub chair, which became the Nolan Tublift. IGAT-180 models meet the pending ADA, ABA, and CBC guidelines for public swimming pool access. Water-powered lifts for in-ground pools and spas, above-ground pools and spas, portable spas, swim spas, and most whirlpool, therapy, or rehabilitation tubs and pools are offered. Lifts available for boats, docks, and cruise ships to provide access to pools and spas. Featured product is the Model IGAT-180AD, a user-operable lift for in-ground pools, entirely above the deck to accommodate pools with covers.

Astra Tech

The Web site for Astra Tech’s LoFric line of catheter products connects visitors with informational links about the product’s features and benefits for users, as well as a resource section to help visitors find clinical data related to the product. The site’s Resource page also provides access to instructional materials as well as product brochures. Links to detailed product information, images, and data sheets are found under the Products menu. Animated video demonstrates how a product’s surface technology works, and free samples of LoFric can be ordered at the site.

Bioness Inc

Bioness Inc, Valencia, Calif, offers medical devices designed to benefit people who suffer from stroke, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, and spinal cord injury. Products provided use electrical stimulation to help people regain mobility. The site offers online video that explains the features, benefits, and functions of Bioness products, and presents user success stories. Visitors to the site will also find research information and news events that showcase Bioness products.

Chattanooga Group

Chattanooga Group (a DJO Inc company), Vista, Calif, is a manufacturer of rehabilitation equipment for treating skeletal, muscular, neurological and soft tissue disorders. With a focus on engineering excellence, the company’s products are designed to contribute to better treatment outcomes in hospitals, clinics and home settings. Chattanooga Group emphasizes continuous innovation to provide solutions for clinicians and their patients.

Craig Hospital

Craig Hospital, Denver, is a center for specialty rehabilitation and research for people with spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury. The 93-bed, not-for-profit, acute care and rehabilitation hospital provides a system of inpatient and outpatient medical care, rehabilitation, neurosurgical rehabilitative care, an equipment company, and long-term follow-up services. Craig is also the NIDRR National Statistical TBI database for other model system centers. The organization’s Web site offers information about Craig’s care services and online video about Craig patients and success stories.


DIESTCO, Chico, Calif, offers products designed for those who use wheelchairs, scooters, and walkers. The product lineup includes: armrest bags, canopies, covers, cup holders, flags, equipment holders, scooter tiller bags, seatback bags, threshold ramps, trays, under-the-seat bags, walker bags, weather chaps, and sleeve guards. The Web site offers product catalogs, mounting instructions, and lists of dealers and resources.

Duralife Inc

High-quality PVC furniture for rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, hospitals, and home use are core products offered by South Williamsport, Pa-headquartered Duralife. The firm’s Web site offers visitors large, color product images with accompanying descriptions that detail the features, benefits, and options of each product. Product specification charts are also included on Web pages where product descriptions appear. One section of the site is devoted to displaying examples of fabric textures and color options available. Links in the main navigation bar are provided so visitors may explore bath chairs, carts, shower chairs/commode chairs, home health care products, and sliding bath transfer systems.

Fitter International Inc

Fitter International Inc, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, offers physical health products designed to help their customers “master the art of aging gracefully.” The company’s Web site offers a product lineup, information about the company including its history and press written about the firm, and also information about the company’s showroom.

Freedom Designs Inc

With a focus on pediatric-oriented products, Freedom Designs’ Web site connects visitors to its complete line of specialized wheelchair frames, custom seating and positioning systems, hardware, and accessories. A seating system photo gallery is available to demonstrate options in frame color, embroidery, foam, and upholstery. A mobility gallery also acquaints visitors with product specifications and a complete overview of mobility products. Links are provided for order forms, price lists, and catalogs for upholstery and hardware.

Gebauer Company

Cleveland, Ohio-based Gebauer Company is the maker of Spray and Stretch, a topical skin refrigerant designed to manage myofascial pain and trigger point release when used with the spray and stretch technique. Gebauer’s Web site offers several resources to support Spray and Stretch, including information about indications and use, a technical sheet, and MSDS data. Web site includes risk and safety information and suggested application preferences, and an option to make purchases online. Information is also available at the site for other medical devices manufactured by Gebauer.

Guldmann Inc

Guldmann Inc, Tampa, Fla, supplies beds and lifting equipment, and services including advertising, education, service, and mounting. Products featured on the Guldmann Inc Web site include the GH3 ceiling hoist system, Guldmann mobile lifter, beds, and accessories for beds, slings, and more. Education is offered through the CareLift Management concept certification program, a planning guide, and technical information.

Hands On Technology

Hands On Technology developed TheraOffice as a fully integrated physical therapy practice management suite designed to make clinical management fast and simple. Integrating scheduling, documentation and billing applications eliminates the need for costly interfaces and dual data entry. The integrated suite also designed to reduce billing errors and accelerate the process of recording patient data. The firm’s Web site offers separate sections that share how TheraOffice meets the needs of startup and small size clinics, medium-sized and growing practices, and large clinics and hospitals. TheraOffice™ is developed by therapists for

Kennedy Krieger Institute

The International Center for Spinal Cord Injury (ICSCI) at Kennedy Krieger Institute was founded on the philosophy that individuals with paralysis can always hope for recovery of sensation, function, mobility, and independence, months and even years after injury. ICSCI is one of the first facilities in the world to combine innovative research with a unique focus on restoration and rehabilitation for children and adults with chronic paralysis. The organization’s Web site offers comprehensive information about Patient Care, Research and Training, Special Education and Community Services.


Kineso Tex Tape is designed to help facilitate the body’s natural healing process while allowing support and stability to muscles and joints, without restricting the body’s range of motion. It is used to treat a variety of orthopedic, neuromuscular, neurological and medical conditions. Kinesio Tex Tape is used to re-educate the neuromuscular system, reduce pain, enhance performance, prevent injury, and promote improved circulation and healing. The company’s Web site includes detailed information about Kinesio tape, manuals, DVDs and accessories.


KoreExtreme, Chicago, was originally created by a physiotherapist who wanted to take time-honored rehabilitation exercises to a new level. This company’s products are unique because they work with air transfer technology. Products offered by the firm include KoreBands: heavy, medium, and light. Also available is the dynamic system, and several TV and DVD exercise programs.

Lafayette Instrument Company

Since the 1940s, Lafayette Instrument Company Inc, Lafayette, Ind, has provided products in the areas of evaluation and assessment, life science, neuroscience, and polygraph. LIC offers products and services including: biofeedback systems, the VertiMetric Vertical package, Acumar inclinometers, and the Manual Muscle Test system. LIC’s Web site features product information and support services.

Micromedical Technologies Inc

Micromedical Technologies Inc, Chatham, Ill, offers a Web site with information and visuals detailing the company’s product features, testing capabilities, options, and applications. The site offers contact information for nationwide dealers and representatives. Micromedical Technologies combines its VisualEyes, System 2000, and Balance Quest products to create a Vestibular Balance Center. The Balance Center provides a complete system for patient testing and diagnosis to help in treating patients with dizzy disorders.

Mulholland Positioning Systems Inc

Gait trainers, standers, seating systems, and adaptive components are featured at the Web site of Mulholland Positioning Systems Inc, with headquarters in Burley, Idaho. This site is rich in information about the firm’s products, designed for the development of functional skills, which includes multiple views of each product with accompanying charts for specifications and options. Visitors can download brochures, user manuals, and order forms. An FAQ section provides information to help guide purchase decisions, answer questions about adaptive components, and provide tips about how to record accurate measurements for ordering.

Multi Radiance Medical

Multi Radiance Medical, Solon, Ohio, is an international corporation, developing and manufacturing FDA-cleared therapeutic super pulsed laser devices, used to treat acute/chronic pain, bursitis, back pain, carpal tunnel, arthritis pain, tennis elbow, muscle strain, tendonitis, and other conditions. Multi Radiance Medical’s LaserStim is an FDA-cleared device that combines laser-light and electrical stimulation in one probe, allowing for third-party reimbursement. With engineering efforts by space scientists and radio engineers, Multi Radiance Medical develops and produces devices that use low dosage electromagnetic radiation, integrating pulsed laser, visible red and infrared lights, and magnetic fields.

Open Sesame Door Systems Inc

Open Sesame Door Systems Inc, San Leandro, Calif, designs and manufactures remote-control door-opening systems for home and public access areas. The Open Sesame automatic door opener enables a user to enter and exit a residential or public access/light commercial door (which can be for an elevator or lift or gate). This professional grade disabled access system unlatches a locked door, then opens, pauses, and closes it—all automatically. This door opener operates with a variety of wheelchair-mounted remote controls, wall push pads, and other specialty controls customized to accommodate almost any physical disability.


OPTP, Minneapolis, provides health care and fitness professionals with orthopedic, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and fitness products. OPTP believes that trends toward self-care, coupled with efforts to contain health care costs, are shaping tremendous opportunities for those who deliver conservative care. Products and services offered include: physical therapy and rehabilitation texts, the Gymnic brand bust-resistant Swiss exercise ball, Airex fitness mats, and education materials.

Otto Bock

Otto Bock offers rehab and mobility products, including sophisticated wheelchairs designed to support an active lifestyle with a wide range of seating solutions and rehabilitation aids. Product line includes power wheelchairs and power supplies, as well as Otto Bock Seating System that combines CAD/CAM technology with hands-on craftsmanship by trained technicians. Web site includes a Mobility Resource Center with order forms, catalogs, and pricing information.

Practice Perfect Management and EMR Software

PracticePerfect provides software designed to foster new referrals, reduce cancellations, enhance customer service, and measure clinical productivity through advanced reporting. The company’s Web site offers information about how its products help administrative and clinical staff become more efficient by reducing time-intensive tasks, identifying inactive clients, making appointment reminder phone calls/e-mails, and posting insurer EOBs electronically.

Prime Engineering

Prime Engineering, Fresno, Calif, has offered innovation in standing technology since 1984, for those with physical and/or aging-related disabilities. Products include no transfer-no lift technology, proper standing positioning, advanced adjustability, and multifunctional frames. Also included are KidWalk, the Symmetry Line, Superstand, Granstand III MSS, Kidstand III MSS, CindyLift, The Lift, and Up-Rite. Prime Engineering’s Web site connects visitors with comprehensive product information, and a section that explains the benefits of standing.

PTOS Software

Visitors to PTOS’ Web site will find access to comprehensive information about the company’s flagship software products, links to help buyers understand purchase considerations, and resources for users to find learning opportunities and support for PTOS products. A video page provides access to presentations that detail the solutions PTOS offers for billing and reporting, scheduling, documentation, eClaims, and eRA Reader. The site also offers visitors an opportunity to submit suggestions about enhancements for PTOS software. Visitors can read PTOS customers’ feedback about their PTOS products on the site’s Testimonials page.

The ROHO Group

The ROHO Goup, Belleville, Ill, offers products and support to individuals worldwide who seek skin protection, positioning, and comfort solutions. Products include a full line of wheelchair seat cushions, medical mattresses, wheelchair backs, and pressure mapping systems. Also offered are custom products for specific needs of customers. Most recently, the ROHO Group has developed products for office chairs in both OEM and overlay configurations and entered both the aviation and agricultural markets.

Sore No More

Sore No More, Moab, Utah, manufactures a fast-acting, natural pain-relieving gel that temporarily relieves pain associated with arthritis, body aches, headaches, simple backaches, tendonitis, workouts, and sprains. Rub Sore No More in the skin or dissolve in a warm water bath. Offered in 2-ounce, 4-ounce, and 8-ounce jars, a 3-ounce roll-on, and an 8-ounce pump bottle. The company’s Web site provides detailed product information and offers information about distributors.


SourceMedical provides clinical and business software solutions used by ambulatory surgery centers, surgical hospitals and outpatient rehabilitation clinics. One of the firm’s products, SourceTherapy Billing Software, was designed specifically to perform only therapy billing services, and provide users with 100% visibility into billing productivity and performance. The company also offers TherapySource physical therapy software as a complete solution for rehabilitation clinics. This product is designed to manage everything from scheduling, registration, clinical documentation and coding, to billing and collections, revenue cycle management and management reporting.” target=”_blank”>

Southwest Technologies

Southwest Technologies Inc, Kansas City, Mo, is the manufacturer of the Elasto-Gel technology. The firm was created in 1981 with the purpose and vision of “Treating the world well” through the utilization of the company’s technology. SWT’s mission is to manufacture, market, and distribute products consistent with high-quality standards, and offer comfort and healing to people. Products are produced and marketed within the established company guidelines.

Star Cushion Products Inc

Star Cushion Products Inc, Freeburg, Ill, is among the leading manufacturers of therapeutic wheelchair cushions and mattresses. The products provide skin protection and treatment through multicellular, air-adjustable technology. Categories in the products section of the Web site include wheelchair cushions, support surfaces, literature downloads, and more. Visitors to the Star Cushion site will find links to featured products as well as downloadable documents for the Galaxy cushion line, including zoning options and sizing chart.

Stonehaven Medical

Stonehaven Medical’s Web site offers visitors detailed information about its complete line of products, including its selection of Balance Treatment Tables. Easy-to-navigate pages offer large product views with complete product descriptions, specifications, and options. Links to downloadable, full color PDFs appear on product pages so visitors may view or print product information sheets for convenient reference. Details and images of Stonehaven Medical’s progressive-resistance exercise band and tubing systems also appear on the site.

Stretchwell Inc

Stretchwell Inc, Warminster, Pa, offers a variety of Stretchwell Fit-Lastic Therapy Products with the “Roy G. Biv” System of Progressive Resistance. This system is used in exercises for physical therapy for rehabilitative and therapeutic purposes just like TheraBand. Fit-Lastic Therapy Products are made from natural rubber latex with a special process designed to eliminate latex allergens. Fit-Lastic Therapy Products are more than 99.998% free of soluble proteins (latex allergens). Stretchwell Fit-Lastic Therapy Products featured on the Web site include: therapy bands, therapy tubing, fit-loops, stretching straps, fitness balls, and discs.

Sunrise Medical

Founded in 1983, Sunrise Medical, Longmont, Colo, manufactures home care and extended care products. The company’s Web site features mobility devices such as Quickie, Zippie, Breezy, Sopur, Sterling, Jay seating and positioning products, Sterling scooters, and Coopers walkers. Sunrise operates manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom, Mexico, United States, Germany, and Spain.

Symmetric Designs

Symmetric Designs, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada, offers medical products with the aim to improve the lives of those with disabilities including arthritis, torticollis, ALS, brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries. The firm’s Web site displays products such as the ADA Lap, wheelchair headrests, the Savant, and more.

The Rehab Documentation Company Inc

The Rehab Documentation Company Inc, Nashville, Tenn, offers ReDoc therapy documentation and management solutions. The company’s line of products is designed to address the business needs of physical therapists and occupational therapists. More than 10,000 physical therapists, speech therapists, and occupational therapists utilize ReDoc’s features, designed to be user friendly, offering remarkable performance and easy scalability. The firm’s Web site provides case studies for successful use of its software, as well as sections focused on enterprise solutions and clinic solutions. Visitors at the site will also find a link to request information and an online demo.

TherAssist Software LLC

TherAssist Software LLC, Seattle, Wash, provides practice management and documentation solutions for the rehab industry, both individual and corporate. Presently used at more than 600 rehabilitation facilities nationwide, TherAssist offers online, interactive demonstrations of their product. Also offered: remote training and maintenance of TherAssist products regardless of the customer’s location.

Thought Technology Ltd

Thought Technology Ltd, Montreal, Quebec, and West Chazy, NY, is a biofeedback and psychological instrument manufacturer. Instrumentation monitors and records a variety of physiological and mechanical signals and analyzes and feeds back information in real time. Often used therapeutically to provide treatment for incontinence and muscle rehabilitation.


TiLite, Kenwick, Wash, offers several lines of titanium and aluminum wheelchairs that are designed to fit the user’s body and suited to a variety of needs. The firm’s Web site displays folding models, youth and sports models, and more of the products the company offers. The site also features an online store for parts, reimbursement information, and more.

University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences

University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences offers campuses in St Augustine, Fla; Boca Raton, Fla; and San Diego. This institution offers both physical and occupational therapy graduate programs. Entry-level degrees offered include: Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree (DPT), the Master of Occupational Therapy Degree (MOT), the Dual Degree Option (MOT/DPT), the Master of Orthopaedic Physician Assistant (OPA) and the Flexible Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree (DPT). Also offered: the Post-Professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy Degree, the Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree, the Doctor of Education (EdD), the Doctor of Health Science (DHSc), the Orthopaedic Clinical Residency, the Manual Physical Therapy Fellowship Program, and Continuing Education Seminars and Certifications for currently licensed therapists.

Vista Medical

Vista Medical, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, offers a Web site with a complete overview including visuals and videos of the products the company offers. Vista Medical makes the FSA mapping system available for many uses, including wheelchairs, orthotics, beds, and prosthetics. The company’s Web site also offers Webinars, quotes on products, and a newsletter, as well as FSA downloads and guidance for how to set up and operate FSA pressure mapping systems. The company’s trade show and event schedule is also featured at the site’s home page, and visitors may search the firm’s Knowledge Database by using a search box that appears on every page.

Vonco Medical

Vonco Medical, Dallas, specializes in the repair of physical therapy testing equipment, modalities, whirlpools and therapy pools, exercise systems, including weight machines, and cardiovascular equipment. Yearly equipment maintenance contracts are available for new and preowned equipment; routine maintenance may be performed on a quarterly, biannual, or annual schedule. Vonco is an authorized warranty service agent for NeuroCom, Orbiter Landice, and other manufacturers. The company’s Web site offers a complete catalogue of products and services.

WorkWell Systems Inc

WorkWell Systems Inc, Duluth, Minn, provides solutions to businesses through its Physical and Occupational medicine network, and also offers the Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE). The company has developed a broad array of research-based clinical products and protocols, which are employed in both clinical and occupational settings by a network of more than 10,000 providers worldwide. WorkWell reportedly serves many Fortune 1000 and privately held companies in a variety of industries, selling directly to large employers. In addition, through the firm’s distribution partners, WorkWell provides its services to small and mid-market employers. Offering both internal and external consultants, excellent physician advisors, and an international research team.